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It’s time to stop walking on eggshells and feeling held hostage in your own home.  It’s time to stop feeling guilty that you can’t relate to your child or sometimes find it hard to like them even though you love them. 

You CAN build a better relationship with your children, your co-parent, and yourself.  You CAN find peace in your home and build confidence in your parenting. 

You are in the right place.

My program utilizes my expertise in children and adolescents with psychiatric illness to provide coaching specific to common parenting issues that arise like:

  • setting and enforcing limits
  • the importance of consistent parenting
  • sibling relationships
  • making the best of mismatched temperament
  • balancing your need to protect with your child’s developmental need to experience both positive and negative emotions
  • navigating treatment options

It is time to stop feeling powerless in your own home and to start enjoying your family time. 

AND, the good news is – you don’t have to wait for your children to change.  It is all within your control and starts with learning how to manage your own thinking.

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It’s Time to Land the Helicopter – Training Webinar

Where do I draw the line?Find The Balance Between Helping And Enabling Your Depressed Teen With These 5 Key Questions

Take the first step toward abandoning regret and feeling more confident in your parenting decisions.

This guide will help you examine why you make certain decisions to intervene with your teen and then you will answer some questions to determine if in fact you are enabling and whether you want to change what you are doing.